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Hold firm on closing private corporation tax loophole

Last year the Federal government backed down on an election promise to close the stock options tax loophole that gave almost a billion dollars to the richest CEOs. The Finance Minister bowed to pressure from vested interests who didn’t want to lose their 50% discount on taxes.


Tax System Can Reduce Poverty and Inequality

The tax system can be a powerful tool for redistributing wealth and reducing inequality and poverty. We all benefit (including the rich) from a more equal society with better population health, reduced crime, and better education. Recent research also now shows that lower inequality also means better employment opportunities and a more vigorous economy, again, from which we all benefit, rich or poor.


Our Tax System Is Riddled With Unfair Loopholes - And It's Getting Worse

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberals made a lot of hay with their election promise of a middle-class tax cut.

But adding a top income tax bracket and reducing the next highest bracket a few percentage points has not done much to make our tax system fairer.


Not So Innocent: Canada's Role in Global Tax Evasion

Whether it is federal or provincial governments, lawyers, or financial advisors.... people in the business of forming companies in Canada need to understand the importance of an accessible, public registry to trace true beneficial owners. In this opinion piece, Canadian lawyer Martin Kenney argues that access to that material is an essential tool to frustrate tax evasion, fraud, and terrorism.  He also exposes what he feels is a fundamental hypocrisy in the attitude of  the United States and Canada towards "secrecy jurisdictions."


Close Stock Option Loophole - Why should we subsidize super rich CEOs?

Monpoly man

In Canada, there is one set of tax rules for corporate insiders, another for the rest of us. The stock option loophole is among the more blatant examples of this lopsided state of affairs.

It is a favourite of bank presidents and other wealthy CEOs. Under current tax laws, they can be paid in stock options and later cash them in, drawing millions in income. But, unlike a regular salary, the first 50 per cent of stock option income is tax free. What’s not for these guys to love?


Canada Gets a Lesson from the Cameco Trial

Cameco’s $2.2 billion tax trial starts today in Toronto. The same day that MPs from the Parliamentary Finance Committee are in Regina to consult with taxpayers about how to manage priorities in the next federal budget.That committee need only look at the Saskatchewan case to get a clear roadmap about how to proceed.



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