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A Message from the Panama Papers Whistleblower

Up until now, he has been very quiet. But today, in this guest blog, the Panama Papers whistleblower known as John Dow has an explanation for why he did it  - and how.  He urges the rest of us to pay attention - not just to the headlines - but to how democracy's checks and balances have failed to stop this from happening  This is not an individual crime, he explains.  It is the result of a broken system. And John Doe urges us to act. 

If you read one thing today, make it this. 


Public Vigilance: Lessons from the Panama Papers

First there was public outrage over the covert activities and entitled attitudes revealed in the Panama Papers.  Now there is an added sense of betrayal that governments and regulatory agencies let this happen on their watch.

Is it collusion, corruption or just plain incompetence? That answer will likely play out over time. But we need a public demand for accountability. Canadians need a plan to make sure that our leaders understand what we have known for a while - the tax system is neither fair nor doing its job. Here's a short list of where citizens needs to keep up the pressure. 


Rotten to the Core: How to Fix Our Tax System.

Some politicians and tax experts argue that prosecuting big-time tax cheats is too complicated and expensive.  That makes no sense, argues former senior finance department official, Alan Freeman. "We live in a democracy, and our tax system is part of it — the means by which we make sure that the cost of government is shared fairly by citizens. But the system is only legitimate if it is rules-based and plays no favorites. If we want Canadians to respect the law, accountants and lawyers who cook up schemes to defraud the government should be hauled before the courts and thrown in jail if necessary."


Taxen Haven Users Should be Disqualified from Government Contracts

Politicians say that tackling tax haven abuse takes time. But what if, in the meantime, the government used its purchasing power to encourage better behaviour from its larger suppliers? What if governments refused to pay hard-earned taxpayer dollars to corporations that set up small offices in tax havens in a cynical attempt to play the tax game?  What if government drew the line in the tax haven sand and stood up for what tax fairness really means?


The Cost of Tax Havens to Canada: It Gets Real in North Bay

Canadians for Tax Fairness goes to North Bay February 11 to attend a screening of the award-winning tax haven documentary The Price We Pay. The explosion in tax haven use by Canadian multinationals and wealthy individuals is robbing Canada of needed revenues - so the evening is not about something that is happening somewhere far away.  Dennis Howlett explains.


The Tax Cut Myth

Why do so many Canadians  keep falling for that old siren call of tax cuts?  When it comes to taxes it seem the Trudeau Liberals are playing the same old cheesy game. Free money! Whee! That wouldn’t happen if we didn’t keep falling for it, says veteran columnist Susan Riley.


Canada is Back? Not Until Taxation is Truly Fair

Justin Trudeau says he is ready to go after tax cheats -- corporate and individual. That's good news.  But columnist Murray Dobbin argues tweaking the tax system is not enough. Now that we have a government that says it believes in governing, comprehensive progressive tax reform needs to be front and centre. It could make a $60 billion a year difference. 


First Person: When a Tax Specialist Pitches You on a Scheme

Canmore businessman Ken Moore shares his story of a visit to a reputable Calgary tax specialist who tried to sell him on a tax evasion scheme. "Is this even legal?" Moore asked.  The cynical answer is one more reason why Canada needs to tune up the ethical behaviour of the tax industry. 



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