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Canadians for Tax Fairness is a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization advocating for fair and progressive tax policies aimed at building a strong and sustainable economy, reducing inequalities and funding quality public services. More...


We believe in a country where taxation is  regarded as a way to invest in Canada and Canadians.   We believe in a progressive tax system where all individuals and corporations pay their fair share.

We believe that Canada in the 21st century should be a society in which economic disparities are decreasing, basic needs are met by investing in high-quality public services, economic policies are designed to protect our environment, and the will of the people drives our political process.


The mission of Canadians for Tax Fairness is to build a national campaign to promote fair taxation. We support the development and implementation of a tax system, based on ability to pay, to fund the comprehensive, high-quality network of public services and programs required to meet our social, economic and environmental needs in the 21st century. Canadians for Tax Fairness will work together with other groups and individuals who share our goals.

Our Principles

We will campaign for a fair tax system that:

  • puts the needs of Canadians first
  • means progressive taxation, where those who have more contribute more
  • puts an end to tax loopholes for the wealthiest
  • means ending the race to the bottom on corporate tax rates because corporations also have a responsibility to society
  • opposes the use of offshore tax havens and banking hideaways
  • includes the use of goods and services taxes to encourage sustainable social and environmental practices by taxing the "bads" more than the "goods"
  • includes the introduction of new sources of public revenue, such as a financial transaction tax

Our Objectives

Canadians for Tax Fairness will:

  • develop and promote progressive tax policies that are rooted in Canadian values, and that strengthen our capacity to provide public services and protect our environment.
  • create a grassroots counter-force to anti-tax crusaders by organizing national campaign activities and mobilizing volunteers.
  • actively lobby all levels of government for the related legislation, regulations and policies.
  • create an online clearinghouse for popular education tools and support materials.
  • create public communications opportunities for progressive economists and other experts through a proactive media relations program.


Board of Directors


Diana Gibson (Chair)
Analyst, Policy Link.

David Langille (Treasurer)
Lecturer, York University.

Peter Bleyer 
Consultant, former Executive Director, Council of Canadians, and past President, Canadian Council on Social Development.
David Bruer
Inter Pares.

Scott Chamberlain
Director of Labour Relations and General Counsel, Association of Canadian Financial Officers.

Ann Decter
Director of Advocacy and Public Policy, YWCA Canada. 
Murray Dobbin
Author, Political Commentator.
Rob Howarth 
Executive Director, Toronto Neighbourhood Centres, fair tax workshop innovator.
Jennefer Laidley 
Research & Policy Analyst with the Income Security Advocacy Centre.
Patricia Lane
Lawyer, Mediator.
Andrew McNeill 
National Union of Public and General Employees.
Brian O'Neill 
Member, Nova Scotians for Tax Fairness.
Toby Sanger 
Senior Economist, CUPE.

National Advisory Council

Neil Brooks

Tax law professor, co-author The Trouble With Billionaires.

Dr. Karen Hamilton

General Secretary, Canadian Council of Churches.

Dr. Alex Himelfarb

Former Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary of Cabinet for three Prime Ministers.

Murray Klippenstein

Social justice lawyer, former President, Canadian Environmental Defence Fund.

Peter C. Newman

Journalist and author.

Douglas Peters

Former Secretary of State (Finance) and former TD Bank Chief Economist.

Clayton Ruby

CM, QC, lawyer, editor Canadian Rights Reporter.

Ed Broadbent

Former Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada.

Technical Advisory Committee

Andrew Jackson

Packer Visiting Professor of Social Justice, York University.

Marc Lee

Senior Economist, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, BC Office.

David MacDonald

Coordinator, Alternative Federal Budget, CCPA.

Hugh Mackenzie

Economic consultant, Chair and President, Atkinson Foundation.

Richard Shillington

Author, researcher, statistician.

Jim Stanford

Author Economics for Everyone, economist, Unifor.

Armine Yalnizyan

Senior Economist, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.


  • Dennis Howlett, Executive Director
  • Gail Dugas, Communications Coordinator

Partner Organizations and Campaigns



  • Global Alliance for Tax Justice is the campaigning body that has grown from roots in the research-strong Tax Justice Network. Founded in Lima, Peru in March 2013, GATJ’s initial coalition of 81 organisations is growing daily in every region of the world. We campaign and advocate for a world with fair and equitable tax systems that fund vital public services for all.

  • Tax Justice Network(link is external) - international network of organizations and individuals working on tax justice issues. 

  • Tax Justice Network USA(link is external) - Tax Justice Network USA promotes tax justice and tax cooperation, including policies to address tax avoidance, tax evasion and the lack of financial transparency in our government, corporations and financial institutions.

  • Citizens for Tax Justice(link is external) - US organization focused on fair tax issues


  • Doctors for Fair Taxation(link is external) -  a group of  medical doctors who believe that we must increase government revenues in a fair fashion to protect needed public services and reduce government deficits and debt. 
  • Lawyers for Fair Taxation(link is external) - Lawyers for Fair Taxation is a group of licensed Canadian lawyers who believe that we must increase government revenues in a fair fashion to protect needed public services and reduce government deficits and debt. 
  • Faith Leaders for Fair Taxation (link is external)- Faith Leaders for Fair Taxation is a group of  religious leaders from Canada’s major faith communities who united by the call to justice and compassion which lies the root of our beliefs.  We believe that as a society, we must increase government revenues in a fair fashion to protect public services and reduce government deficits and debt. We strongly oppose austerity measures that hit hardest those members of our society who already endure harsh lives.  It is profoundly unjust and immoral to balance government budgets on the backs of our most vulnerable neighbours.
  • Canada Uncut(link is external) - a horizontally organized (i.e, decentralized)campaign, part of the international network of Uncut groups in numerous countries


  • Nova Scotians for Tax Fairness - a voluntary organization that seeks to broaden the public discussion about the essential role played by the tax system in financing public services and supporting greater equality. It advocates for fair tax policies and enhanced public services.

Sponsoring Organizations

Canadians for Tax Fairness is proud to count on the following organizations for providing technical resources and financial support:

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Gail Dugas, Communications Coordinator
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