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Highlights of Canadians for Tax Fairness in the news



Tax Fairness Advocates Applaud Apple EU Decision 

This 7 minute audio interview with Radio Canada International brings home what Canada should be doing about global tax dodgers. 


The Isle of Sham: 

This explosive documentary blows the cover off a tax scheme developed by a big-name tax firm that allegedly funnelled money to the Isle of Man with the express purpose of avoiding Canadian taxes.  Want to know how it is possible that there is $199Billion of Canadian money offshore? This will help.  It also shows that tax avoidance that pushes the limits of the law is not a fringe activity. 

TVO: The Agenda with Steve Paikin

Is it immoral for multinationals to spend millions avoiding taxes in the countries where they do business? C4TF's President Diana Gibson takes on a Bay Street lawyer in this 20 minute discussion  on TVOntario's flaghship public affairs program The Agenda.  


The Exchange

The Luxembourg Leaks have provided an inside view of the complicated and cynical attempts of multi-nationals to avoid paying taxes. The story prompted CBC's flagship business program, The Exchange to have an extended interview with Tax Fairness' Dennis Howlett.   The piece starts at 17:47.  

The Globe and Mail 

Global TV Network 

CBC Radio Sunday Edition

Regina Leader Post
  • CEOs don't have to pay  tax on 50 per cent of the income when they cash in multi-million dollar stock option package.  That's costly and just wrong, says Dennis Howlett in this letter.
  • On the "Corporations, Pay Your Fair Share!"  speaking tour in Saskatchewan, Dennis Howlett gives this interview to the Star-Phoenix and the Leader Post. 
What's the reaction when Canadians start asking questions about greedy corporate tax practices? Read this column by Linda McQuaig.
Huffington Post
Hamilton Spectator
  • Every year Canada gives away $1 billion to CEOs already getting multi-million dollar paycheques. It has to stop, says Dennis Howlett in this opinion piece. 

Embassy Magazine

  • Should the United Nations step up its game in the global fight against tax havens?  Canadians for Tax Fairness weighs in with this interview in Canada's magazine for the diplomatic corps and the foreign service.
Radio Canada International
  • The global aspect to tax justice is a multi-trillion dollar shell game that promotes poverty and worse. Listen to RCI Host Wojtek Gwiazda in conversation with Dennis Howlett about the issue and an international gathering at McGill University to explore solutions.