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3 days 9 hours
As the old saying goes: "A buck is a buck". But at tax time, there is a different set of rules for corporate insiders using a loophole for stock option deductions. This loophole has a $1 billion annual price tag for the rest of us. That lost revenue could easily be used to invest in the things most of us value and are proud of : taking care of wounded veterans and their families, food inspections, child care and rail safety.
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1 week 12 hours
We've already received a ton of positive reaction about this opinion piece by Linda McQuaig which appeared on the Canadian newsite, IPolitics.  Standing up to an entrenched and frankly, elitist, point of view is part of our job here at Tax Fairness. We love it when journalists like McQuaig have our backs.It’s rare that members of Canada’s financial elite are so clumsy in revealing that their cage has been rattled.
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4 weeks 11 hours
This week, Ontario announced tax increases for residents at the top end of the income scale.  The move prompted some debate.  One of the most eloquent arguments we have seen came from Toronto resident Bruna Nota in a letter to the Toronto Star.  We republish it here:  Most unfortunately, the culture has developed in Canada, fully supported by all big media to depict taxes as evil rather than as a necessary social contribution to the community and to future generations. As the inscription on the Washington Internal Revenue Services building says: “Taxes are what we pay for a civilized society.”
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4 weeks 6 days
C4TF's Dennis Howlett did an extended interview with CBC Sunday Edition's Michael Enright about corporate tax evasion. It will be broadcast Sunday March 16. Here's some background:
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5 weeks 3 days
Quebec’s top CEOs are benefitting from a tax loophole system that is costing provincial and federal budgets more than $10 billion a year. Among those loopholes, the Stock Option Deduction, bleeds $1 billion from federal and provincial budgets.
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7 weeks 3 days
When a group of Saskatchewan people who follow us on Facebook and our webpage erected a huge billboard to support our work, we were thrilled. It was simple. effective and inspiring.  Here’s the backstory.  We hope it might inspire action in your community.
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9 weeks 2 days
            When Finance Minister Jim Flaherty stood to deliver his budget speech and promised that the government would, “keep closing tax loopholes so every Canadian pays their fair share” tax fairness activists cheered.   And when we found that Budget 2014 had a section titled, “Improving the Fairness and Integrity of the Tax System, and Strengthening Tax Compliance” things really did look promising.    But this budget was a $20 billion lost opportunity.  
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9 weeks 6 days
The contents of the federal budget is an annual guessing game.This year the Conservative government has deliberately set out to lower expectations, preferring to save their goodies for next year's pre-election budget. But a recent KPMG report has suggested there might be further measures to close tax loopholes and curb abuse of tax havens.
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11 weeks 1 day
A major Canadian corporation and its practice of shifting profits to a tax haven are getting lots of attention in Saskatoon from this billboard.
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11 weeks 2 days
 by Kathleen A. Lahey  After running up $164 billion in total annual deficits between 2008/9 and 2014/15, the Harper government says it will have a $3.7 billion surplus in 2015/16 – and plans to spend nearly $3 billion of it on parental income splitting. Although government references to this plan have been muted, with vague references to ‘new tax cuts,’ the promise of parental income splitting has been on the agenda for years. And there is good reason to keep the details vague. It is beyond dispute that parental income splitting will give lavish tax benefits to the richest families while giving shockingly small benefits to those who actually need them the most.
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15 weeks 9 hours
The top 100 Canadian CEOs are making an average of $7.9 million according to a recent report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives titled All in a Day's Work.
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19 weeks 6 hours
 On December 10th, Canadians for Tax Fairness (along with our friends at MiningWatch, Inter Pares and Halifax Initiative) will be presenting the film Good Copper, Bad Copper at the University of Ottawa.Good Copper, Bad Copper is a powerful documentary on the economic plunder of copper mining in Zambia and the associated environmental damage. Glencore, the most powerful raw materials trading company in the world, operates the Mopani copper mine and smelter in Zambia’s Copper Belt – in partnership with a Canadian company, First Quantum Minerals. Locals have decided to fight against the pollution that has transformed their city into a living hell. After two years of investigation in Africa, Switzerland, and Luxembourg, this film exposes the pillaging of raw materials and the consequences of large-scale privatization in a poverty-stricken country – and the central problem of tax avoidance ensuring the profits don’t go to helping Zambians.
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19 weeks 6 days
Our tax system is riddled with unfair and ineffective loopholes that cost federal and provincial governments a lot of money, complicate the tax system and disproportionately benefit higher income taxpayers.
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21 weeks 9 hours
Tax Dodge a new documentary produced by award-winning journalist Bruce Livesey will air on the Global Television Network program 16x9 this Saturday, November 23 at 7pm.
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21 weeks 1 day
OTTAWA, November 20, 2013 - Canadians for Tax Fairness called on the federal government to close a number of unfair and ineffective tax loopholes in its presentation to the House of Commons Finance Committee Pre-Budget Consultations."The two most important steps the government could take to make our tax system fairer would be to close the unfair and ineffective tax loopholes and tackle the problem of tax evasion facilitated by tax havens," Dennis Howlett, Executive Director of Canadians for Tax Fairness told the Finance Committee.
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22 weeks 4 days
 OTTAWA - Canadian senators who earned $2-million in stock options from non-Senate work didn’t have to pay income tax on 50 per cent of that money. The Globe and Mail reports that at least 12 senators are on the stock option bandwagon are a disturbing example of how both Liberal and Conservative senators could be in a conflict of interest when it comes to deliberating on tax matters.
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23 weeks 14 hours
Canada is the 17th most secretive country in the world when it comes to financial transactions, according to an index released today by our partners at the London-based Tax Justice Network. The Financial Secrecy Index shows that Canada was more secretive than notorious tax haven jurisdictions such as British Virgin Islands ( 20). Russia (25) and Barbados (26).
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23 weeks 5 days
Buried in all the hoopla and drama of this weekend’s Conservative Party policy convention was a policy resolution that spoke volumes about how the Conservative Party views taxes and economic equality. The resolution said, "We encourage the Conservative Party to move to a less progressive tax system by reducing the number of personal income tax brackets." It may have received support because many Canadians think the rich are paying too much tax.
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29 weeks 12 hours
Radio-Canada and the Globe and Mail have been hot on the story of organized crime abusing the Canadian tax system. Worrying and sadly, not a surprise. It clearly shows that Canada is not immune to sophisticated, multi-billion dollar global schemes that involve money laundering and hidden assets. “We’ve been warning the government for years that they need to step up their capacity to fight mammoth abuses of the tax system,” says our Executive Director, Dennis Howlett.  “Instead they cut back auditors and programs and have spent years talking about a reorganization that no one understands. They hound ordinary Canadians – waitresses, carpenters and the self-employed.  Big-time tax abusers are laughing all the way to their offshore banks.”
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30 weeks 8 hours
Cameco is a multi-billion dollar Canadian company. They mine Canadian uranium.They use Canadian-developed technology to dig Canadian uranium out of the Canadian ground and rely on the Canadian transportation system to bring their product to market.
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