Stop Unfair Competition from Foreign Digital Companies

January 2018

The federal government is letting large foreign corporations such as Google, Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Uber and others off the hook on paying taxes on the digital products and services they sell to Canadians.  Meanwhile the Canadian companies in the business have to pay the Canadian sales and corporate income taxes.  

Not only is this tax exemption for foreign companies highly unfair for Canadian businesses, workers and creators, but it also deprives federal and provincial governments of hundreds of millions in annual revenues—which could go to supporting better public services for all. 

Levelling the digital tax playing field would also help support Canadian businesses, workers, creators and communities by removing this tax bias against them, especially in our vital media and cultural industries.

Read our fact sheet about Leveling the Digital Playing Field to learn more. 

​Tell Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Finance Minister Bill Morneau and his colleagues that they should immediately eliminate this unfair competition against Canadian businesses and workers.   


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