Tell Harper to support the Financial Transaction Tax at the G20


At the G20 Summit this November world leaders have a chance do something good for the world, by introducing a Financial Transaction Tax (also known as the Robin Hood Tax). It would raise billions to help address global poverty and climate change and help slow down the casino banking that caused the global economic crisis. Some of the funds could also be used to deal with the debt and deficit crisis.

The host of the G20 this year, French President Sarkozy, has championed the FTT and put the issue on the G20 agenda.

Dozens of governments are already on board.

To date the Canadian government has opposed the tax. But the Harper government should realize that reducing deficits requires revenue side solutions, not just cuts in government spending which causes more unemployment and lower tax revenue.

Tell Prime Minister Harper to take a stand that will be admired worldwide. Tell him to put the people before the speculators. Tell him to vote for Robin Hood.

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