Tell party leaders to support specific fair tax measures

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September 2021

The federal election campaign is in full swing. The major parties have been positioning themselves on key issues.

The politicians know a vast majority of Canadians support fairer taxes. We’re going to need substantial additional revenues to pay for the pandemic, build back better and pay for public services without growing our debts. And the best way to do that is with fairer taxes on the wealthy and large corporations, which will also reduce growing inequalities and corporate concentration.  

The NDP, Conservatives, Bloc Québécois and Liberals have all referred in some way to fair taxes in their platforms — some more than others. We think they can do better. This is a key moment to push all parties to make more explicit pledges.

C4TF’s Platform for Tax Fairness has outlined a series of measures that could raise over $90 billion in revenue annually, by closing tax loopholes, taxing the rich fairly, making corporations pay their fair share, tackling tax havens, making polluters pay, reining in real estate speculation, increasing transparency and fighting financial crime.

Please write to the party leaders, and ask them to support specific fair tax measures if they want your vote.


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