Nova Scotians for Tax Fairness

Statement of Purpose

Nova Scotians for Tax Fairness seeks to broaden the public discussion about the essential role played by the tax system in financing public services and supporting greater equality. We advocate for fair tax policies and enhanced public services.

The tax system at all three levels of government needs to be reformed. Public services must be appropriately funded, sustained, and enhanced. Therefore the trend towards reducing taxes must be reversed.

"The Price We Pay" to be shown on March 31, April 1, & April 2, 2016

"The Price We Pay" documentary film about tax havens will be shown FREE OF CHARGE in Tatamagouche on Thursday, March 31, in Truro on Friday, April 1, and in Amherst on Saturday, April 2. A discussion with Howard Epstein of Nova Scotians for Tax Fairness will follow each film screening. For more details, see attached flyer.

NSTF Recommendations

Below see our Oct 2, 2017 submission to the Federal Dept of Finance regarding their SMALL BUSINESS TAX PROPOSALS, which we support.

Earlier submissions to the federal and provincial governments are also available below.

Links to Similar Sites

There are many other organizations with similar or compatible goals. They are wonderful sources of good information and inspiration.

Canadians for Tax Fairness has a page of such links here:

Canadians for Tax Fairness is the lead national organization and The Tax Justice Network is the lead international organization working on tax fairness issues. The Tax Justice Network focusses on tax havens.

The Straight Facts

On this page we will set the record straight for some of the stories in the media that are misleading or false about taxes, the debt and federal transfers.

Item #1: Sept 9, 2013 - Debt Scare Mongering Nonsense

Grossly misleading: NS Conservative Party Leader Jamie Baillie was quoted in the Chronicle Herald this way: "In his opening news conference Saturday, he said Nova Scotia will look like Detroit or Greece if the NDP are left in charge."

Canadians for Tax Fairness (CTF) is a national organization that promotes tax fairness and high-quality, publicly funded services. Nova Scotians for Tax Fairness is not directly affiliated with CTF but we share common goals and a common outlook. Many thanks to CTF for hosting this webpage.