Statement of Purpose

Nova Scotians for Tax Fairness seeks to broaden the public discussion about the essential role played by the tax system in financing public services and supporting greater equality. We advocate for fair tax policies and enhanced public services.

The tax system at all three levels of government needs to be reformed. Public services must be appropriately funded, sustained, and enhanced. Therefore the trend towards reducing taxes must be reversed.

Nova Scotians for Tax Fairness believes that a population that is informed about taxes and public services will demand a reformed tax system and revitalized public services. A fair tax system will:

  • enhance the capacities of federal, provincial, and municipal governments to develop innovative and effective solutions to social and economic problems;

  • help to create a society that is stronger, healthier, better educated, and more equitable.

Nova Scotians for Tax Fairness works with organizations and individuals throughout Nova Scotia and across Canada.


The founding members of Nova Scotians for Tax Fairness were:

Michael Bradfield, economist

Vince Calderhead, lawyer

Ken Clare, concerned citizen

Howard Epstein, MLA

Kathleen Flanagan, consultant

Brian Gifford, concerned citizen

Doug Kane, concerned citizen

Claire McNeil, lawyer

Brian O’Neill, social justice activist

Rollie Thompson, QC, law professor

Cliff White, citizen activist


For more information about Nova Scotians for Tax Fairness, please contact:

Brian Gifford

(902) 454-1656


Canadians for Tax Fairness (CTF) is a national organization that promotes tax fairness and high-quality, publicly funded services. Nova Scotians for Tax Fairness is not directly affiliated with CTF but we share common goals and a common outlook. Many thanks to CTF for hosting this webpage.