The Straight Facts

On this page we will set the record straight for some of the stories in the media that are misleading or false about taxes, the debt and federal transfers.

Item #1: Sept 9, 2013 - Debt Scare Mongering Nonsense

Grossly misleading: NS Conservative Party Leader Jamie Baillie was quoted in the Chronicle Herald this way: "In his opening news conference Saturday, he said Nova Scotia will look like Detroit or Greece if the NDP are left in charge."

Fact: Detroit is bankrupt and Greece is teetering on the edge. Greece's debt is over 150% of GDP (it peaked at 157% in 2010). NS' debt is only 36% of GDP, down from 49% in 2000. Debt payments are 9.3% of NS's annual budget compared to 19.56% in 2002. The UK's Debt to GDP ratio is 90%, much worse then NS'. NS' credit rating was improved this summer, due to the last 4 years of management.

Get real Mr. Baillie!

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