Bad Apple Misses Mark on New IPhone AND Taxes

"Does it come pre-loaded with a tax-dodging app?"

That was one of many reader comments to media stories of the launch of the IPhone 7. Many users were livid about the removal of the traditional analog headphone jack that will force users to purchase expensive wireless earphone buds.   But Apple's pursuit of a no-tax business plan figured prominently with Canadian readers. "Yet another reason not to bother with Apple," observed another reader. 

There were questions about why media was giving "free advertising to a multi-national that doesn't pay its taxes."

"So is Apple going to pay all those taxes they owe or not?" asked Roger Wilson, on the CBC comments page.   "Apple has become everything I hated about Microsoft. many moons ago," wrote Howard Jones.

Will those kinds of comments make a difference to one of the most powerful tech companies in the world?  "There is no question that Apple has added value to our digital experience over the decades," says Dennis Howlett, Executive Director of Canadians for Tax Fairness.  "But they are tax bullies who engage in a sort of corporate blackmail with governments who want to create jobs and with their consumers."  

Hopefully falling Iphone sales send the message that corporate headquarters needs a reality check.