Blowing the Cover Off the CRA

Taxpayers and the media are paying attention to our “insider” investigation on problems at the CRA.

What is Wrong at the CRA and How to Fix It was built on a series of secret one-on-one interviews with 28 current and newly retired tax agency employees who oversee audits of complicated international companies.We discovered concerns about political influence on which corporations were audited, lack of capacity to investigate offshore tax havens and more. The picture that emerged was of an organization struggling to carry out its function in the face of government mismanagement. This includes major budget cuts, a poorly conceived restructuring effort, and targeting those who make tax filing mistakes rather than prioritizing big time tax cheats.

The report gives important insight into "doable" measures that could help alleviate some of these issues.  Time is of the essence.  Every year the amount of Canadian dollars shifted to offshore tax havens increases. It is now up to $199Billion.  Is it because wealthy Canadians are emboldened by the situation at the CRA?  We can't say for sure.  But it is an interesting coincidence.   Here's the report from The National Post.

We are planning more investigative work in 2016. We urge you to join with other Canadians who believe in tax fairness with a monthly pledge to help make this happen.