Lights. Camera. Action Plan.

Do you want your tax dollars spent on “vanity videos” of cabinet ministers and on government “information” ads that tout the Conservative Party line? It happens with disturbing frequency and million dollar price tags. The Globe and Mail reports that Employment Minister Pierre Poilievre paid overtime to a team of public servants to produce a video of him glad-handing constituents at a flea market, telling them how great the Tory family benefit plan is.

Was Poilievre inspired by the President’s Choice TV commercial that shows billionaire Galen Weston telling smiling Loblaw’s shoppers how great his products are? The difference is Loblaw’s head office pays for those ads. We taxpayers pay for Poilievre’s antics. And it turns out we are also footing the productions costs for the Prime Minister’s online show called 24 Seven.

Think about it. Canada’s Economic Action Plans commercials are broadcast so frequently that they have become material for comedians like Rick Mercer. Are they informing Canadians about serious economic plans or are they just a pre-election campaign prop? Is it prudent use of taxpayer funds?​

The Conservatives also play fast and loose with our money when it comes to flogging initiatives that haven’t yet passed Parliament. Last fall, TV and radio ads hit the airwaves promoting the income-splitting plan for families with children and changes to the Universal Child Care Benefit. They arrogantly ended with the caveat that these tax changes were “subject to parliamentary approval.”

Fed up with fiscal mismanagement? Join us in making tax fairness a principle that politicians live by.