"Not Acceptable": Judge Doesn't Buy KPMG Tactics

"We can't comment - the matter is before the courts."

That's the oft-used excuse by those involved in the sketchy Isle of Man tax scheme for not providing important details to Canadians about who is involved, who profited and how the government made a sweetheart deal to keep details private. 

It has been frustrating and insulting to taxpayers who follow the rules. And now a Federal Court Judge has made it clear she is not happy with KPMG or the CRA.

KPMG had been ordered to provide documents by May 13. However, according to a news report,when CBC asked the court for those records, the court realized that the accounting firm failed to meet its deadline— and that lawyers for the CRA went along with it. "Not acceptable," said the judge.  The letter informing the court of the new date came from the same KPMG lawyer who earlier this month sent a gag order letter to the Parliamentary Finance Committee telling them not to talk about the KPMG case during their hearings about tax evasion.  His logic at that time? It was before the courts.  In this new letter to the court he said he was speaking on behalf of both KPMG and the CRA.  Given all that has transpired we would think that the Minister would direct her lawyers to write their own letters and put a bit of a distance between them and KPMG.