Report: What is Wrong at the CRA? And How to Fix It.

Canada Revenue Agency

December 2015

The Canada Revenue Agency plays a vital role in collecting revenue for the federal government and many provincial governments.  It should be doing that supported by fair tax policies and modern, effective methods.

But for years something has been very wrong at CRA. Whether it was lack of political will, intentional neglect, or failure to understand the role of good tax policy – the federal government has let the CRA falter. Systemic issues plague Canada’s tax system. Those issues have undermined equality. They have also resulted in the loss of billions of dollars of revenue that should be building and maintaining Canada.

This report was prepared by Canadians for Tax Fairness to provide evidence of problems which impact the CRA’s ability to do right by Canadians. Much of its preparation occurred before the election of a new government in Ocober 2015.  It incorporates the perspective of current and retired CRA auditors, investigators and managers. It takes on issues that received public attention but were dismissed the previous Conservative government including Prime Minister Stephen Harper and successive finance and revenue ministers. 

This insider look at the CRA helps us understand where the past decade has left us and where we should be headed.

Tax fairness is one of the most serious issues facing Canada and the global community. It is our hope providing this evidence and laying out solutions will help Prime Minister Trudeau carry through with his commitment to fair taxation.