We Need an Adult Conversation About Taxes

I think we’re all getting tired of hearing that same old story about taxes.

It’s the one told by corporations, big banks, and the rich who want to cut taxes so they can maximize profits and advance their self-interests.  

Corporate leaders and their Conservative government supporters spend millions of dollars repeating this message – trying to convince us that our interests will be served when they get what they want!

Canadians for Tax Fairness was created because we think it’s time Canadians hear another story, that Canadians get a second opinion about what’s wrong with our economy and how to fix it. We have campaigned for tax fairness in order to fund the comprehensive, high-quality public services and programs and build a better Canada.

But our voice won’t be heard unless we can count on your support.

We’re asking for a minimum contribution of $10 from our supporters so we can continue working to push a second opinion about taxes onto the public agenda.

If you’re able, please consider giving $25, $50, $100 (or more).

The best way to support us is to become a supporting member by giving at least $10 a month.   Members of Canadians for Tax Fairness will receive a bi-monthly e-newsletter, invitations to participate in Canadians for Tax Fairness events and online action tools they can use to support our campaigns for tax fairness. Members will also be sent an annual report of the activities of Canadians for Tax Fairness.

The more support we can count on, the more resources we’ll have to make our voice heard.

With only a shoestring budget in 2012, we’ve been very successful:

  • Building Canadians for Tax Fairness’ profile and credibility to speak out for tax justice. 
  • Mobilizing progressive voices at our first Fair Tax Summit and mapping out a strategic plan to move us forward.
  • Engaging politicians from all parties and putting tax justice on their radar.   
  • Getting the Ontario NDP Leader to make a sur-tax on the rich and increased support for the poor a condition for their support of the Liberal government provincial budget.   
  • Launching our successful Tackle Tax Havens campaign to bring Canada’s tax dollars home. The House of Commons Finance Committee has already agreed to do a study of tax havens in the new year and our campaign will push them to make strong recommendations for action.
  • Earning television, print and online media coverage to get our story to regular Canadians.

We’ve had a very successful year, but we have a lot more work ahead.

Your support will give us the resources we need to build on our achievements in 2012.

Please give $10, $25, $50, $100 (or more), or even better become a supporting member by giving a minimum $10 monthly donation,  and help us get us closer to our goal.


Please note that because one of the main things we do is lobby government, we do not qualify to be a charitable organization and therefore are unable to provide charitable receipts for income tax purposes.

Our success depends on you. Thanks for your support,

Dennis Howlett
Executive Director

PS: If you haven’t already, check out our Tackle Tax Havens campaign website and LIKE Canada’s Tax Dollar on Facebook!