Who's Got the Inside Track at the CRA? The Answer is Disturbing.

The beleaugered Canada Revenue Agency is in need of some good advice and direction to get back on track.

But a story this week shows that neither the Prime Minister or the Minister of National Revenue seem to have any good sense as to how to achieve that.  The Harper government has forged a partnership with a major accounting association even though that same group is fighting them in court to shield the files of multimillionaire clients. Those clients bought into a major tax avoidance scheme that KPMG set up on the Isle of Man - a notorious tax haven.  Files show that KPMG  and Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada lobbyists met with Harper and his chief of staff Ray Novak.  

HIgh level lobbying indeed.

"This is a serious problem and no question it creates the perception of conflict of interest," says Tax Fairness' Dennis Howlett. "When the government gets into bed with the same firms it is supposed to be investigating or prosecuting it creates some serious problems for the rest of us."

Canadians deserve a tax system that is fair and accountable.  Please support our work to help achieve this.