The Fair Tax News - May 2011

The Fair Tax News

May 2011

In this issue:

  • A few words about the federal election
  • Visit our Facebook page
  • Petition to stop corporate tax cuts
  • CTF hits radio talk shows
  • CTF joins international network
  • New web pages
  • Linda McQuaig on TFSAs
  • More great resources
  • CTF at CLC


A Few Words About the Federal Election and the Fight for Fair Taxation

Proponents of fair taxation received a blow on May 2 with the election of a government determined to push ahead with further multi-billion dollar tax breaks for large profitable corporations, while slashing public services to compensate for the “lack” of public funds. But if the new government believes Canadians will quietly accept the dismantling of the Canada we love, they’re in for a surprise.

Public opposition to the corporate tax cuts has been significant and consistent. In January, Leger Marketing found only 10% of respondents favoured the cuts, while 40% supported increased corporate tax rates. In early March, both CP-Harris Decima and Ipsos Reid polls found 59% opposed the cuts. In late March, Forum Research reported more than 60% opposed.

The election results mirrored those findings. More than 60% of the voters supported the NDP, Liberals, Bloc and Greens, parties that strongly oppose the corporate tax cuts.

What next?

“This is no time for silence,” said Rob Howarth, President of Canadians for Tax Fairness (CTF). “The polls and voting patterns show the majority of us want a different Canada than the one being proposed by the new government. Our organization and many others will be redoubling our efforts to make Canada a place of opportunity for the many, not just the few.”  

The CTF board will be doing a post-election review of strategic priorities and actions in the coming weeks.

Visit Our Facebook Page

Be sure to visit and “like” the Canadians for Tax Fairness Facebook page. You’ll find links to the latest articles and videos on the fight for fair taxation, lots of news and lively discussions. Follow us on Twitter at @CdnTaxFairness.

Petition to Stop Corporate Tax Cuts

We now have around 2,500 signers on our petition to stop corporate tax cuts. Not bad for a few short weeks - but we can do a lot better, can’t we?

Harper plans another cut next year, so we need to rally as many people as possible to raise their voices. If you have any way to help promote the petition, please do so by putting links in e-newsletters, blogs, Facebook postings, tweets, online forums and web sites. Thanks!

CTF Hits Radio Talk Shows

A May 5 CTF press release on the widespread opposition to corporate tax cuts drew interviews on major radio talk shows in Halifax, Calgary and Edmonton. CTF spokesperson Murray Dobbin outlined the case against the cuts, emphasizing to listeners that a majority of us oppose the cuts.

Canadians for Tax Fairness Joins International Network  

We’re delighted to announce that CTF is now a member of the Tax Justice Network International Association. TJN consists of 28 fair tax and tax justice organizations from Europe, Africa, Australia and the Americas.

New Web Pages

We’re continuing to add new content to  Check out What They’re Saying to see what Tom Paine, Adam Smith, Mark Zuckerberg, Stephen King, Edgar Bronfman, Warren Buffett, Stephen Harper and others have said about taxes and society.

Plus, we have posted 10 Big Reasons to feel good about what we gain through taxes, along with 96 everyday examples recently listed in a Toronto Star column by Heather Mallick.

Linda McQuaig’s Article Exposes TFSAs

If you want yet another example of how the tax system benefits the few at the expense of the many, read Linda McQuaig’s column on Tax Free Savings Accounts.  Another highly recommended read is The Trouble With Billionaires, the new book by Linda and tax law expert Neil Brooks. Both Linda and Neil also serve on the CTF founding board.

More Great Resources

Other notable reports and articles in recent weeks include:


We’ll have an information table at the Canadian Labour Congress convention in Vancouver from May 9 – 12. With an expected attendance of 2,000, this will be a great opportunity to talk to our labour friends, many of whom have been active in this fight for a long time. If you’re at the convention, drop by and say hello!