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Canadians for Tax Fairness organized a Fair Tax Summit on March 29 and 30, 2012 in Ottawa. Over 185 participants came from across Canada to discuss international and domestic tax justice issues and plan a campaign for tax fairness.

Below, you will find links to Fair Tax Summit documents, presentations, as well as campaign and speaker opinion videos. 

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Discussion Documents:

Draft Vision and Program and Campaign Plans are currently available for feedback. You can contribute your comments to these documents on-line. 


Canadians for Tax Fairness gratefully acknowledges the the co-sponsorship of the following organizations:

Campaign 2000, Canadian Association of University Teachers,  CAW, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives,  Canadian Health Coalition,  Canadian Labour Congress,  Canadian Teachers’ Federation, Canadian Union of Postal Workers, Canadian Union of Public Employees,  Canada Without Poverty,  Citizens for Public Justice,  Communications Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada, Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario, Halifax Initiative,  Inter Pares,  KAIROS,  National Pensioners and Senior Citizens Federation,  National Union of Public and General Employees,  Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association, Oxfam Canada, Public Service Alliance of Canada, Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, SEIU Canadian Council, United Food and Commercial Workers and United Steelworkers.


radio programme  from the Fair Tax Summit aired April 11th on M aking the Links  Radio CFCR 90.5 FM, a community radio station in Saskatoon. 

Operation Maple video with John Christensen, Tax Justice Network UK: Tackling Tax Havens 

Speakers Interview Videos: 

Murray Dobbin, Canadians for Tax Fairness 

Alain Deneault, Echec Aux Paradis Fiscaux 

Alvin Sindiga Mosioma, Tax Justice Network Africa 

James Henry, Tax Justice Network USA 

James Clancy, NUPGE 

David Langille, York University 

Matthew Carroll, Leadnow.ca 

Bob Thompson, environmentalist & de-growth advocate 

Sarah Anderson, Institute of Policy Studies, USA 

Erin Weir, United Steelworkers 

Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party

Campaign Videos:

I'm Voting for Canada (Lead Now) 

Africa Loosing Billions in Tax Evasion

The Robin Hood Tax 

Bill Nighy Backs the Robin Hood Tax

Which province has the lowest corporate tax rate?

Fat cat thanks Albertans for making him soooo rich 

Tackle Tax Havens 

Carbon Price- Say Yes (Australia) 

Corporate Tax Giveaways  (Canadian Labour Congress) 

Save the Troy library campaign

The Third Way  (Public Service Alliance of Canada) 


Powerpoints and Presentations:

Day 1: 

Tax fairness and Inequality

Introduction: Bruce Campbell, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives: audio 

Diana Gibson, Parkland Institute: audio

Neil Brooks, Osgood Law School: audio

Public Opinion on Inequality and Taxes

Keith Neuman, Environics Institute: Presentation
Ed Broadbent, Broadbent Institute: audio

Evaluating Campaigns for equality and tax fairness

Matthew Carroll, Leadnow.ca: Presentation
Alain Deneault, Echec aux Paradis Fiscaux: audio
David Langille, Your Tax Cuts at Work Campaign: audio

James Clancy, NUPGE, All Together Now campaign: audio

Luncheon Keynote Address: 

John Christensen, Tax Justice Netowork UK: audio

Beyond our Borders

Nicole Tichon, Tax Justice Network USA: Presentation
Alvin Sindiga Mosioma, Tax Justice Network Africa: audio

Sarah Anderson, Institute of Policy Studies, USA: audio

Day 2: 


Framing the Tax Debate

Trish Hennesy and Shannon Daub, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives: audio

 Environment and taxation

Marc Lee, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Report: Fair and Effective Carbon Pricing. 
David Thompson, Sustainable Prosperity. Presentation

Equality 1: Making Taxes Fairer

Toby Sanger, Canadian Union of Public Employees: Presentation
Kathleen Lahey, Queen's University: Presentation

Equality 2: How taxes can help reduce poverty and inequality

Laurel Rothman, Campaign 2000: Presentation 

Tackling Tax Havens: 

Other Links and Ressources: 

The Nova Scotia Alternative Budget


Live Blogging:

By: Anu Bose

Dinner Keynote Address March 29th: LINDA McQAIG 

Linda McQuaig speaking at the dinner on Day 1  of the Tax Summit-said that in earlier times the tax burden was shared by all-now the top 1percent benefit from all the gains. Institutions are under-funded while the rich get richer while 'tax democracy' goes by the boards. The shortfall is to be made up through philanthropy-the rich then have the freedom to chose their pet causes for funding.

How many of you know that Barrick Gold, the world's largest gold miner donated money to the U of T for the Munk School of International Affairs whose ED answers to the Board Directors of Barrick?

Taxes pay for a lot of public goods and starving the state of funds undermines its ability to provide these.

The agenda is all about favouring the rich-but the media tells us that we are suffering from 'tax rage'. A publication that sometimes appears as a supplement to the National Post seems to only discuss tax rates and advertise Viagra. What is the relationship between erectile dysfunction and tax rage? We should be told. 

News from campaigning: 

Hoang Mai (NDP)  Revenue Critic has just moved a motion that the Finance committee discuss tax havens. It will be heard next Tuesday!! and he asked for support from the Fair Tax Summit. Mai did come to the Summit to speak but had to leave as we were running late.

Responses to Linda McQuaig: 

BOB RAE (listen here)

Bob Rae (Interim Leader) of the Grits asked how had things come to such a pass? Taxes are deducted at source and we are in a non-inflationary world.

PCs used to raise taxes but now people have 'tax allergy'. When inflation appeared, tax rage started to develop. Remember Let's attack the rich- a facile populist sentiment. Rae does not like scapegoating any groups at all. The task is to convince people that some things need doing-and that we all must share in it.

We need an intelligently structured tax system but today we have a federal govt. which is on a race to the bottom because our taxes are low. A competitive system is one that has good schools, a clean environment, a fair system of taxation. He called for a 'national conversation'. This present government  has nothing to say about fairness, and equality. It is happy to live in its laissez-faire cocoon. 

ELIZABETH MAY (listen here)

There's been a concerted effort from the beginning of the 90s to discredit the role of government.  After the collapse of the Berlin Wall capitalism lost its human face and started to show its triumphalist one.

Climate was not mentioned once in the Budget except for the 'investment climate'. This government is dismantling the civilised face of Canada-get rid of it!