CBC Sunday Edition Talks Tax Fairness

C4TF's Dennis Howlett did an extended interview with CBC Sunday Edition's Michael Enright about corporate tax evasion. It was broadcast Sunday March 16. Here's some background:

When you are hunched over your dining room table in the coming weeks, buried in paperwork, your stomach in knots and your head swimming, here's a sobering fact to consider: 26 of the most powerful and profitable Fortune 500 companies paid zero dollars in federal income tax between 2008 and 2012. 

Boeing paid nothing. General Electric... nothing. Verizon....nothing. For five straight years. And the craziest part: it wasn't illegal. In fact, the lawyers and accountants who figured out how to do it, are all likely getting hefty bonuses.

Corporate tax avoidance has become an essential part of doing business for multinational corporations the world over. They use complex, opaque business practices to shift profits into low or no-tax jurisdictions. 

The situation is little better in Canada. The Canada Revenue Agency is currently locked in a protracted court battle with the uranium mining firm Cameco, which has an office in a Swiss tax haven.

Cameco is hardly alone.

Top Canadian publicly traded companies use multiple tax avoidance tactics - from transferring profits to offices in tax havens to paying CEOs and directors in stock options that are not subject to tax.

CBC Radio Sunday Edition's Michael Enright wanted to find out more. Listen in to interview with  Tax Fairness' Executive Director Dennis Howlett 

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