Tax Justice: Let's Make MPs Pay Attention

Dennis Howlett, CFTF's Executive Director is asking Canadians for some back up. 

He will be at the House of Commons Finance Committee on Thursday, February 14th on behalf of thousands of Canadians who want a tax system that is fair.

MPs will be hearing from the Canadian Bankers Association at that same meeting. They represent some of the biggest users of tax havens in Canada 

"They have powerful voices - don't let them drown us out," says Howlett.  "They want the government to ignore the problem."Ottawa won’t take this issue seriously unless they know that Canadians are paying attention."

Canada loses billions of dollars each year due to elaborate tax avoidance schemes cooked up by big banks and multinational corporations.



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Yesterday the OECD urged its member-states to agree to major changes in tax rules for multinational corporations.  "As governments and their citizens are struggling to make ends meet, it is critical that all taxpayers — private and corporate — pay their fair amount of taxes and trust the international tax system is transparent," the OECD's Secretary General said. 

Canada is a member of the OECD. Will they comply?

Send the Finance Committee a strong message right now.