10 Big Reasons

Why should we feel good about paying taxes? Here are 10 big reasons.

Tax Justice Network

Canadians for Tax Fairness is a proud member of the Tax Justice Network International Association. The TJN Network has 28 member organizations from Europe, Africa, Australia and the Americas.

Canadians for Tax Fairness promotes a progressive tax system, based on ability to pay, to fund the public services and programs required to meet our social, economic and environmental needs.

Fair Tax News

[1 semaine 1 jour ago] — We've already received a ton of positive reaction about this opinion piece by Linda McQuaig which appeared on the Canadian newsite, IPolitics.  Standing up to an entrenched and frankly, elitist, point of view is part of our job here at Tax Fairness. We love it when journalists like McQuaig have our backs.It’s rare that members of Canada’s financial elite are so clumsy in revealing that their... >> more
[2 semaines 3 jours ago] — Combien nous coûte l’évasion fiscale?Réponse alarmante : le gouvernement Harper n’en sait absolument rien. Pire, il tente de neutraliser ceux qui souhaitent le découvrir.En tant que chien de garde financier, le directeur parlementaire du budget a essayé de calculer le manque à gagner fiscal fédéral, mais l’Agence du revenu du Canada a refusé de lui fournir des renseignements essentiels... >> more
[4 semaines 1 jour ago] — This week, Ontario announced tax increases for residents at the top end of the income scale.  The move prompted some debate.  One of the most eloquent arguments we have seen came from Toronto resident Bruna Nota in a letter to the Toronto Star.  We republish it here:  Most unfortunately, the culture has developed in Canada, fully supported by all big media to depict taxes as... >> more
[7 semaines 4 jours ago] — When a group of Saskatchewan people who follow us on Facebook and our webpage erected a huge billboard to support our work, we were thrilled. It was simple. effective and inspiring.  Here’s the backstory.  We hope it might inspire action in your community. >> more

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