Publications and Presentations


How many of the top 60 companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange have subsidiaries in known tax havens?
November 2017 | Diana Gibson | Canadians for Tax Fairness
Interviews and conversations with auditors, investigators and managers at the CRA give us an insider look  at Canada’s beleaguered tax agency and help us understand where the past decade has left us and where we should be headed.
December 2015 | Canadians for Tax Fairness


The Great Revenue Robbery
Faced with growing inequality and cutback to government programs, public opinion polls show strong support for tax fairness, including raising taxes on the rich and on corporations. The Great Revenue Robbery shows us how tax policy can help rebuild our social programs, reduce the gap between rich and poor, restore environmental responsibility, and revitalize our democracy.
December 2015 | Edited by Richard Swift | Between the Lines Books


Tax foreign-based E-commerce Companies to Level the Playing Field
Brief to House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade Re: Study on Progressive Canadian Enterprises and SMEs through Electronic Commerce, November 6, 2017
How to Raise More Revenue for Bolder Policy Initiatives
Brief to House of Commons Finance Committee Pre-Budget Consultations in Advance of the 2018 Budget, August 2017
Tax Measures: Key Tools for Poverty Reduction Strategies
Submission to the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and Status of Persons with Disabilities Study on Poverty Reduction Strategies
October 14, 2016
Adopt Federal Procurement Policies to Combat Tax Dodging, Fraud and Corruption
Joint Brief to Canadian Government Submitted by UNITE HERE Canada and Canadians for Tax Fairness
June 1, 2017
February 14, 2013
Think Twice about Increasing Tax Incentives for Charitable Donations
A Brif Presented to the Standing Committee on Finance, January 17, 2012