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C4TF's economists are regularly consulted by journalists, researchers, and civil society organizations, as Canada's top experts on fair taxation and its' progressive application towards the public good.





How the flaws in CEWS could set the stage for a pandemic profits tax

Patrick Brethour, The Globe & Mail

17 May 2021


Des profits records malgré la pandémie pour 50 entreprises canadiennes

TVA Nouvelles / Agence QMI

17 mai 2021


Des profits records en pleine pandémie

Olivier Bourque, Journal de Montréal

17 mai 2021


CRA's new audits on large corporations dropped significantly in years leading up to COVID-19 pandemic

Chris Nardi, National Post

13 May 2021


We're not getting the investments we expected by having lower tax rates: Canadians For Tax Fairness

Amanda Lang, BNN Bloomberg

26 April 2021


The world needs a corporate minimum tax

Marc Belanger, RadioLabour

23 April 2021


Feds commit to corporate beneficial ownership registry

Graeme Wood, Pique News Magazine

21 April 2021


Évasion fiscale: le Canada pourrait récolter 11G$ de plus par an

Julien McEvoy, Journal de Montréal

16 avril 2021


Radio Interview with Toby Sanger  (Begins @ 87min)

Brian Bourke, Kitchener Today Radio

14 April 2021


Letter to the Editor

Toby Sanger, The Globe & Mail

9 April 2021


World leaders call for a fair share of tax from global companies

Mark Connolly, CBC Radio Edmonton

8 April 2021


U.S. support for global minimum corp. tax seen as likely benefit for Canada: experts

David Paddon, The Canadian Press / The Winnipeg Free Press

5 April 2021


CRA has found 35 cases of tax dodging in the Panama Papers leak, 5 years later

Zach Dubinsky, Frédéric Zalac, CBC News

3 April 2021


Bold changes needed to address inequality

Erika Beauchesne, Canadians for Tax Fairness, The Winnipeg Free Press

2 April 2021


Panama Papers: Quebec recovers more unpaid taxes than Ottawa

Panama Papers : Québec recouvre davantage en impôts impayés qu’Ottawa

C4TF director Toby Sanger comments on the 5-year anniversary of the Panama Papers and Canada's lack of progress tackling offshore tax dodging.

Frédéric Zalac et Zach Dubinsky, Radio-Canada / CBC News
3 April 2021

What can we expect in the federal budget?
C4TF researcher D.T. Cochrane joins CPAC's PrimeTime Politics on March 24, 2021 to discuss what is needed in the upcoming federal budget.

NGOs urge tax policy reform for post-COVID 'she-covery'
In this March 15, 2021 article by Tax Notes, C4TF communications coordinator Erika Beauchesne talks about the need for tax justice to support women in the recovery.

The big business behind the affordable housing crunch
This March 6, 2021 article in the Toronto Star cites analysis by C4TF researcher D.T. Cochrane about the unfair tax advantage enjoyed by real estate investment trusts.

COVID-19 revives push for excess profits tax
In this Feb 25, 2021 article by Law360, C4TF researcher D.T. Cochrane talks about his report on Canadian corporations that made record profits in the pandemic and why an excess profits tax makes sense.

Cameco win in multibillion-dollar CRA dispute sparks calls for tax reforms
In this Feb 22, 2021 article in the Toronto Star, C4TF director Toby Sanger comments on the need to modernize and strengthen corporate tax laws to prevent multinational tax avoidance. 

Supreme Court dismisses CRA request to appeal in Cameco case
In this Feb 19, 2021 Star Phoenix article, C4TF comments on Cameco's latest victory in its long battle with the CRA and why the decision reflects an urgent need to strengthen corporate tax laws

Imposing a wealth tax may not be Ottawa's easiest route to tackling inequality
In this Jan 22, 2021 article in the Globe and Mail, C4TF Toby Sanger weighs in on the wealth tax debate and how the government can limit tax avoidance.

Pfizer pushes for tax breaks in federal budget 2021
In this Jan 20, 2021 article in the Globe and Mail, C4TF director Toby Sanger comments on vaccine manufacturer Pfizer's pre-budget recommendations regarding government efforts to prevent multinationals' tax dodging. Sanger also briefly speaks about Pfizer's recommendations in this Jan 20, 2021 CTV National News broadcast.

Profits au rendez-vous malgré la crise pour les géants canadiens
In this Dec 22, 2020 article in le Journal de Montréal, C4TF researcher DT Cochrane talks about our latest report that found 34 of Canadian corporations made record profits during the pandemic.

Individuals repay tax debt faster than corporations, CRA report finds
In this Dec 18 iPolitics article, C4TF director Toby Sanger comments on the latest tax gap report from Canada Revenue Agency and what it reveals about the need for increased compliance efforts.

What Canada's Economic Recovery May Look Like
In this Dec 10, 2020 Macleans article, C4TF director Toby Sanger talks about the need for a wealth tax to address inequality and raise government revenues.

Wealth inequality in Canada
C4TF director Toby Sanger's chart reflecting the increase in Canadian wealth concentration is included in the annual Maclean's charts to watch in 2021

Nécessaire de taxer les géants du web mais périlleux
In this Dec 2, 2020 article in the Journal de Montréal, C4TF director Toby Sanger comments on the Liberals' commitment to tax digital giants.

Canada's billions grew $53 billion richer during pandemic
Read the November 26, 2020 media coverage of our report on extreme wealth inequality in le Journal de Montreal, the Financial Post, the Huffington Post and Jacobin magazine.  The report was also covered by Radio-Canada and CBC radio syndication.

Tories ask CRA to pause audits of wage subsidy recipients
In this Nov 24, 2020 National Post story, C4TF director Toby Sanger comments on the Conservatives' request to suspect audits of the CEWS program.

Canada losing billions of revenues to offshore tax havens
In this Nov 20, 2020 Yahoo Finance news story, C4TF director Toby Sanger discusses the findings of a new global study that found countries around the world are losing over $350 billion (Canadian) to tax havens

Ruling in Cameco tax case puts billions in revenue at stake, CRA says
In this Nov 18, 2020 Financial Post story, C4TF director Toby Sanger comments on the need for resolution in the Cameco tax case.

Jagmeet Singh wants to tax companies making big profits during COVID
In this Oct 8, 2020 article in iPolitics, C4TF director Toby Sanger talks about the need for an excess profits tax to raise revenues and prevent pandemic profiteering.

Liberals' throne speech promises plan to create a million jobs
In this Sept 25, 2020 article in Yahoo Finance, C4TF director Toby Sanger comments on how the government's plans to move to an automatic tax filing system will help millions of vulnerable Canadians.

Losing offshore tax case against Loblaw has put more than $1 billion in revenue at risk, Ottawa says
In this July 24, 2020 Financial Post story, C4TF director Toby Sanger talks about the need for govenment to appeal a court decision involving retail giant Loblaw and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

Paradis fiscaux: plus de 380 milliards $ hors de portée
In this July 23, 2020 article in le Journal de Montréal, C4TF director Toby Sanger talks about the need for fundamental tax reforms to stop tax haven abuse after our report found Canadian corporate funds in the top 12 tax havens soared to a new high of $381 billion in 2019.

Les entreprises canadiennes plus présentes dans les paradis fiscaux
This July 23, 2020 article in Le Devoir highlights some key findings from our report on the growth of Canadian corporate assets in tax havens 

Does Canada need a wealth tax?

In this June 26, 2020 interview with Global 640AM, C4TF director Toby Sanger talks about rising inequality in Canada and the need for a wealth tax. 


La richesse des plus nantis plus élevée que prévu au Canada:

In this June 18, 2020 story by Journal de Montréal, C4TF director Toby Sanger comments on why it's time to tax the very rich.


Canada Revenue Agency opens up snitchline about COVID-19 aid fraud:

In this June 1, 2020 National Post story, C4TF comments on the new CRA tipline for Canadians to report possible misuse of government funding, cautioning much more transparency is needed from corporations.


COVID-19 aid programs will have to end, others to be modified: Trudeau

In this May 27, 2020 Canadian Press story, C4TF director Toby Sanger explains why stronger transparency measures are needed to combat corruption and misuse of funds during COVID-19.

CRA claiming $4.4. billion from Canadian companies and individuals suspected of tax evasion

In this May 11, 2020 article by the National Post, C4TF director Toby Sanger comments on the amount the federal government claims Canadians and corporations are suspected of dodging in offshore tax havens.


Canada’s biggest companies getting new loans, financing to weather COVID-19

In this May 11, 2020 Canadian Press story, C4TF director Toby Sanger responds to the government's announcement that large companies applying for funding through the LEEFF program will need to meet conditions with respect to their finances.


No public funding for corporations that abuse tax havens

C4TF director Toby Sanger talks about the steps Canada must take to ensure corporations that don't pay their fair share don't get to take advantage of federal support in this May 2020 interview with 570 News (minute 43:37).


Loblaw ruling indicates broken tax system

In this April 2020 article in the National Post, C4TF director Toby Sanger talks about the Federal Court of Appeal ruling over Loblaw's use of a Barbados bank and why Canada needs to be more aggressive about enforcing and punishing tax dodgers.


Canadians for Tax Fairness highlights problem with Loblaw ruling

C4TF director Toby Sanger talks about what measures Canada can take to tackle offshore tax avoidance in these April 2020 interviews with  Global News Radio and News 95.7 


Stronger conditions needed on federal funding for corporations

In this March 2020 article in the Globe and Mail, C4TF director Toby Sanger cautions that clear conditions should be placed on federal aid for companies to ensure transparency and accountability.


Trudeau urged not to 'prop up rich corporations' in upcoming federal budget

In this March 11, 2020 National Observer story, C4TF and other NGOs urge the federal government not to back away from environmental commitments and to view the current economic situation as an opportunity  pursue climate justice and tax justice.


Environment leaders say feds need to push sustainability as budget nears

In this March 3, 2020 CBC story, C4TF director Toby Sanger explains why now is more important than ever to invest in a sustainable economy amid global uncertainty.


Canada needs new policies to end snow washing, B.C. money laundering inquiry hears

As the B.C. inquiry into money laundering gets underway, coalition member James Cohen of Transparency International Canada speaks about the need for greater transparency of beneficial ownership to combat corruption and tax evasion in this Feb 27 news story by Canadian Press.


Government advertising spending five times as much on online giants:

In this February 2020 Radio-Canada television interview, C4TF director Toby Sanger talks about the need for Canada to finally tax digital giants after a Radio-Canada investigation revealed the federal government spent five times as much on advertising with the GAFA group of companies, including Facebook, Google and others.


Taxing the rich amid rising inequality

C4TF director Toby Sanger talks about the need for progressive taxes to address inequality in this January 23, 2020 series of CBC radio interviews. Listen to one interview from CBC radio Kelowna (starts at 2:11:58)


Corporate Canada already earned enough in revenues in 2020 to equal income taxes for year: report:

In this January 7, 2020 iPolitics story, C4TF director Toby Sanger highlights how little Canadian corporations pay in tax in a report released for Corporate Income Tax Freedom Day.


Canada’s Corporations Have Already Earned Enough To Pay Their Income Taxes For The Year:

This January 8, 2020 Huffington Post story looks at the findings from our report on Corporate Income Tax Freedom.


Liberals vow to tax foreign tech giants:

C4TF director Toby Sanger comments on a proposal from the Liberal party to tax foreign internet giants in this Globe and Mail article,  Sunday September 29.


Plan libéral: «ridicule et irresponsable», tonnent les conservateurs

A Sunday September 29, story in Journal de Montréal breaks down the Liberals' platform proposals, with commentary from C4TF director Toby Sanger.


Tax Fairness as an election issue:

C4TF director Toby Sanger speaks with the Tyee for a multi-part series in September 2019 on tax fairness and the federal election


Canada spurred to action after billions lost in corporate tax revenue

In this June 28, 2019 Reuters article, C4TF director Toby Sanger talks about the steps government has taken to tackle tax avoidance and what else it needs to do to prevent corporate tax avoidance.


CRA spent hundreds of thousands on Facebook to advertise against tax avoidance: NDP

C4TF director Toby Sanger comments on a June 26, 2019 report by  le Journal de Montréal that found Facebook, one of the largest digital corporations known for not paying their fair share of taxes, received a quarter of a million from the Canada Revenue Agency to advertise against tax avoidance.


Statistics Canada finds new evidence multinational corporations are dodging Canadian taxes:

In this June 26, 2019 story by PressProgress, C4TF director Toby Sanger addresses a recent StatsCan's report on Canadian corportate tax avoidance.


PBO predicts deeper deficits, outlines baseline for campaign promises

This June 21, 2019 story by Canadian Press points out the federal government could reduce some of its projected deficit by tackling tax avoidance and evasion. C4TF director Toby Sanger is quoted.


Tax avoidance in Canada costing billions:

In response to two recent reports about the extent of tax dodging in Canada, C4TF director Toby Sanger joins The Sheldon MacLeod Show, News 95.7 on July 21, 2019 (interview starts at 34:50 minute mark) and The Mike Farwell Show, 570 News on July 24, 2019 (starts at 44:57 minute mark).


Legal tax dodges cost Canada $25B, PBO study finds

In this June 20, 2019 story in the Toronto Star, C4TF comments on what policy reforms are needed to address the billions Canada loses to tax avoidance every year.


Up to $11B in tax avoided by Canadian companies

In this June 18, 2019 Reuters story, (syndicated by CNBC in the US), C4TF discusses the findings of CRA's report that corporations avoided paying billions in taxes.


Canadians corporations avoided up to $11B in taxes, CRA report finds

In this June 18, 2019 story by Global News, C4TF director Toby Sanger talks about the impact of corporate tax avoidance on public services.


Corporate tax dodging costing Canadian government billions

In this June 18, 2019 article in Journal de Montréal, C4TF's Toby Sanger discusses the findings of the Canada Revenue Agency's report on the corporate tax gap.


Challenging anti-tax propaganda

In this June 13, 2019 Global News CKNW talk show, C4TF director Toby Sanger debates the findings of a Fraser Institute report on taxes.


The cost of tax havens

In this June 9, 2019 guest appearance on the Alberta Advantage Podcast, C4TF director Toby Sanger talks about offshore tax avoidance and the cost of corporate tax cuts in Alberta.


Government paying informants for intel on tax evasion

In this June 3, 2019 story by the Canadian Press, C4TF director Toby Sanger comments on the findings that the government has started making payments to confidential informants who have information on cases of offshore tax evaders.


Lack of transparency in CRA tax settlement dealings alarming

In this May 31, 2019 PrimeTime Politics show, C4TF director Toby Sanger talks about the need for greater transparency after the CBC exposed the CRA struck a secret deal over the KPMG's Isle of Man tax scheme. Watch at 30:15 minute mark.


CRA signs secret settlement with wealthy KPMG clients

In this May 30, 2019 CBC News story, investigative journalist Harvey Cashore uncovers that the CRA made a secret deal with wealthy clients of KPGM in the firm's Isle of Man tax scheme. C4TF director Toby Sanger comments on the findings and the alarming lack of transparency.


Provinces, federal government must act to deter money laundering

In this May 16, 20109 interview with 630CHED, C4TF Program Manager Sasha Caldera talks about the need for provinces and the federal government to create an open registry of beneficial owners to combat money laundering in Canada.


Realtors call for land registry to crack down on money laundering

C4TF Program Manager Sasha Caldera speaks to the Toronto Star in this May 14, 2019 article about the link between money laundering and the housing affordability crisis, pointing to the need for an open registry of beneficial owners.


Why doesn't the government do our taxes for us?

In this April 29, 2019 op-ed in the Winnipeg Free Press, C4TF questions why Canada hasn't adopted preliminary tax filing to ease the burden on Canadians and ensure the most vulnerable receive all the benefits they're entitled to. C4TF director Toby Sanger explores this idea further in a  radio interview with Global's 680 CJOB on April 30, 2019.


Canadian corporate cash in tax havens hits all-time high

In this April 24, 2019 Journal de Montréal story about Canadian corporations' reported $353 billion in tax havens, C4TF director Toby Sanger comments on Canada's lack of action when it comes to tackling tax haven use. C4TF was also interviewed on News 95.7 's April 25th show and in this April 26th article by PressProgress.


Feds lost $1.6 billion in revenue from tax forestalling by rich in 2015-16: PBO

In this April 18, 2019 iPolitics article, C4TF director Toby Sanger comments on the Parliamentary Budget Officer's findings that Canada's highest earners were able to shelter their incomes ahead of an announced tax hike, leading to a potential revenue loss of $1.6 billion.


Who would really benefit from Kenney's corporate tax cuts?

In an April 12, 2019, op-ed in the National Observer, C4TF director Toby Sanger takes a closer look at the UCP's proposed tax cuts in Alberta and finds the party's expensive promise would do little to boost job creation or the economy.


Are the taxes I pay fair?

In the April 2019 issue of Reader's Digest, C4TF director Toby Sanger talks about tax fairness and the solutions Canadians can support to change the system for the better.


Number of new auditors hired much less than the National Revenue Minister had touted

An investigation by the Journal de Montreal on April 5, 2019 found that despite repeated claims the government had hired 1,300 auditors to fight tax evasion, the actual number of new hires was 192.


Canadians support higher taxes for better services: OECD survey

C4TF director Toby Sanger appears on the Mike Farwell Show, on 570 News, to discuss the results of an OECD survey showing strong support for higher taxes and increased public investment. The interview is from March 28, 2019 and can be heard at the 90:00 minute mark.


Dirty money is driving up Toronto real estate: report

A Toronto Star article from March 21, 2019 explores how billions in anonymous money flow through Toronto real estate thanks to weak federal transparency laws -- findings of a joint report by Canadians for Tax Fairness, Transparency International Canada, and Publish What You Pay.


Interview with C4TF Program Manager, Sasha Caldera

Chat about the need to end snowwashing in this March 21, 2019 interview on Global News Radio show, which can be heard at the 2:30 mark.


Budget 2019: What it means for Canadians

C4TF director Toby Sanger joins CPAC's Special Budget Coverage panel to discuss how the budget measures will affect Canadians in this March 19, 2019 episode.


Liberals raise stock option taxes on high-paid executives

In this March 19, 2019 Globe and Mail article, C4TF director Toby Sanger reacts to the 2019 budget measure to limit the current stock option deduction for wealthy individuals.


Finance Minister changes tune on limiting stock option loophole

In this March 19, 2019 article by PressProgress, C4TF welcomes the government's budget plans to finally limit one of the most egregious tax loopholes.


C4TF questions simplistic scope of income tax study

In this March 12, 2019 Globe and Mail story, C4TF director Toby Sanger challenges the narrow scope of a Fraser Institute study comparing Canadian and US taxes.


Unpacking a ‘comprehensive review’ of the tax system

Calls for a review of Canada's tax system are coming from all sides, but what would such a review actually look like? C4TF executive director Toby Sanger weighs in on the need for broad and inclusive public consultation in this Feb 25 Advisor's Edge story.


Panama Papers: Only 12 Canadians ordered to pay government back

Three years after the Panama Papers scandal, other countries are recouping millions but only 12 of the 900 Canadians and businesses named have been instructucted to repay government, according to an exclusive investigation by the Journal de Montréal published Feb 18, 2019.


National pharmacare would distribute savings, benefits to all Canadians

Introducing a progressive national pharmacare plan has the potential to save billions a year while improving health care across the country. Canada has an historic opportunity, but it is important to get it right so that both employers and households are better off. These are some of the proposals laid out in this Feb 4, 2019 Hill Times op-ed by C4TF’s Toby Sanger and Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ David Macdonald. The op-ed follows a report published in the fall on the benefits of a universal pharmacare plan.


Saskatchewan joins Quebec in requiring Netflix to collect sales tax

In this Globe and Mail story from January 22, 2019, Toby Sanger of Canadians for Tax Fairness weighs in on how a tax for foreign digital companies is a step in the right direction when it comes to levelling the digital playing field and protecting smaller Canadian companies.


Stakeholders urge feds to create public registry of beneficial ownership information

Canada has some of the weakest standards in the world when it comes to combatting money laundering and other financial crimes. Read this December 17, 2018 Investment Executive magazine article on how Canadians for Tax Fairness and other advocacy groups are lobbying the federal government to create a publicly accessible registry of beneficial owners to fight financial corruption.


The most important charts to watch in 2019

In this December 4, 2018 Maclean’s feature Charts to Watch in 2019, C4TF looks at how repeatedly slashing corporate income tax rates does not translate into increased Canadian business investment over time and how we can move past regressive cuts into a more progressive tax system for the 21st century.


Tax Fairness Advocates Applaud Apple EU Decision 

This 7 minute audio interview with Radio Canada International brings home what Canada should be doing about global tax dodgers.


The Isle of Sham

This explosive documentary blows the cover off a tax scheme developed by a big-name tax firm that allegedly funnelled money to the Isle of Man with the express purpose of avoiding Canadian taxes.  Want to know how it is possible that there is $199Billion of Canadian money offshore? This will help.  It also shows that tax avoidance that pushes the limits of the law is not a fringe activity.


TVO: The Agenda with Steve Paikin

Is it immoral for multinationals to spend millions avoiding taxes in the countries where they do business? C4TF's President Diana Gibson takes on a Bay Street lawyer in this 20 minute discussion  on TVOntario's flaghship public affairs program The Agenda.


The Exchange

The Luxembourg Leaks have provided an inside view of the complicated and cynical attempts of multi-nationals to avoid paying taxes. The story prompted CBC's flagship business program, The Exchange to have an extended interview with Tax Fairness' Dennis Howlett.   The piece starts at 17:47.

Government ads tout Conservative income-splitting policy not yet law

Even OECD and G20 leaders know that something has to be done to tackle tax havens. Read this in-depth piece by the Globe and Mail which includes observations by Dennis Howlett, executive director of Canadians for Tax Fairness.


Global TV Network 
Watch this great documentary  done by the current affairs program  16x9 about how Canadian companies use tax havens to avoid taxes and shortchange their workers.


CBC Radio Sunday Edition

Tax Fairness' Dennis Howlett explains the murky world of corporate tax avoidance and what Canada needs to do to keep us safe


Regina Leader Post
CEOs don't have to pay  tax on 50 per cent of the income when they cash in multi-million dollar stock option package.  That's costly and just wrong, says Dennis Howlett in this letter. On the "Corporations, Pay Your Fair Share!"  speaking tour in Saskatchewan, Dennis Howlett gives this interview to the Star-Phoenix and the Leader Post. 



What's the reaction when Canadians start asking questions about greedy corporate tax practices? Read this column by Linda McQuaig.


Harper's Income Splitting Tax Only Benefits the Already Rich

Why does a hard-working, self-employed African woman pay more income tax than a multinational brewery?  Find out about the insanity and injustice of tax systems in this column. - Huffington Post


Hamilton Spectator
Every year Canada gives away $1 billion to CEOs already getting multi-million dollar paycheques. It has to stop, says Dennis Howlett in this opinion piece. 


Embassy Magazine

Should the United Nations step up its game in the global fight against tax havens?  Canadians for Tax Fairness weighs in with this interview in Canada's magazine for the diplomatic corps and the foreign service.


Radio Canada International
The global aspect to tax justice is a multi-trillion dollar shell game that promotes poverty and worse. Listen to RCI Host Wojtek Gwiazda in conversation with Dennis Howlett about the issue and an international gathering at McGill University to explore solutions.