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Thank you so much for considering a donation! Our work is impossible without your support, since we take no corporate money, and are not funded by the government.

Thanks to your help, we can keep our research going, and can remain valuable advocates for tax fairness in the media and directly with the government.

No other Canadian organization has our expertise and focus on countering the anti-tax lobby's misleading narratives.

All one-time donations are currently being matched until midnight on June 25th!

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* Monthly donations help us predict our budget, and put less time into admin and fundraising. It's also useful for you as a donor to budget more easily, and you can modify or stop your donations anytime.

Note: We don't have charitable status, because Canadian governments have used withdrawing that status to pressure organizations to be less critical of government policies, and we must maintain or freedom of advocacy and independence. (We consequently can't offer tax receipts.)