About C4TF

Canadians for Tax Fairness (C4TF) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that advocates for fair and progressive tax policies, aimed at building a strong and sustainable economy, reducing inequalities, and funding quality public services.
Katrina Miller
Interim Executive Director
Katrina Miller has worked for over twenty years to win environmental and social justice improvements at every level of government. Always in search of new learning opportunities, she has collaborated with a wide array of labour, community, and academic experts to create winning public policy campaigns that make a difference in people’s lives. She enjoys facilitating activities that help organizations and individuals hone their skills and strategies. Katrina lives in Toronto and in her free time can often be found doing Capoeira or engaged in hijinks with her two children. 
DT Cochrane
Economist, Policy Researcher
Dr. DT Cochrane has graduate degrees in economics, as well as in social and political thought. He has researched and written about a range of topics including pipeline finance, big tech, and corporate power. Although he grew up on a ranch in Saskatchewan, D.T. currently lives in Peterborough with his partner and children. When he's not figuring out new ways to use pivot tables, he can be found reading fiction, taking photos, and trying to enjoy outdoor activities.
Darren Shore
Communications Coordinator
Darren Shore cobbled together degrees in political science and journalism in his native Montreal, when not escaping the Canadian winter to the strangest places he could afford. He worked in communications and fundraising for a variety of non-profits in Canada and Australia, did business development for a university co-op program, and spent 5 years as a professional tour guide before joining C4TF in 2021. Favourite diversions include traveling, history podcasts, port wine, and making his kids laugh while he still can.
Our vision is a country where taxation is regarded as a way to invest in Canada and Canadians. We believe in a progressive tax system where all individuals and corporations pay their fair share. We believe that Canada in the 21st century should be a society in which economic disparities are decreasing, basic needs are met by investing in high-quality public services, economic policies are designed to create good quality jobs and protect our environment, and the will of the people drives our political process.
Our mission is to raise public awareness of crucial issues of tax justice and to change the way Canadians talk about tax. We also work to encourage government policies and laws to result in a more fair and progressive tax system.
C4TF was founded in 2011 by a broad coalition of civil society organizations, including unions, international development organizations, community groups, religious congregations, as well as economists, researchers, university professors and lawyers. We were, and are, united by the desire to steer Canadian tax policy towards addressing social, economic and environmental challenges.
National Advisory Council
Technical Advisory Committee
Canadians for Tax Fairness works with other Canadian and international organizations striving for fair taxation, and  receives support from a wide variety of unions, civil society groups, and individual donors.
C4TF’s work would be impossible without the support of Canadians who donate monthly or occasionally. To support us, please visit our DONATE page.