About Us


Canadians for Tax Fairness advocates for fair and progressive tax policies aimed at building a strong and sustainable economy, reducing inequalities and funding quality public services.

Our vision is a country where taxation is regarded as a way to invest in Canada and Canadians. We believe in a progressive tax system where all individuals and corporations pay their fair share.

We believe that Canada in the 21st century should be a society in which economic disparities are decreasing, basic needs are met by investing in high-quality public services, economic policies are designed to create good quality jobs and protect our environment, and the will of the people drives our political process.

Our mission is to raise public awareness of crucial issues of tax justice and to change the way Canadians talk about tax. We also work to encourage a government policies and laws to resulting in more fair and progressive tax system.

Canadians for Tax Fairness works with groups and individuals who share that goal. If that sounds like you, please check out our current campaigns to get involved or consider donating to help us carry out our work.

Canadians for Tax Fairness is a non-profit organization. We’re not a registered charity, so that we can continue to speak the truth and put pressure on politicians and corporations. We’re non-partisan and not affiliated with any political party.

Canadians for Tax Fairness campaigns for:

  • Closing Tax Loopholes
  • Tackling Tax Havens
  • Multinational Corporations Pay Your Share
  • A Fair and Progressive Tax System
  • Improved Public Services