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Canadians agree: Tax the Rich!

aisletwentytwo / Flickr


A pink and blue duotone photo of billionaires smiling and shaking hands with "Tax the rich" text over their eyes and a border of piles of money

While everyday Canadians struggle to make ends meet, the wealthiest among us have seen their fortunes grow exponentially. Over the past 10 years, the richest 1% in Canada gained almost seven times more wealth than the bottom 50%.

According to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, a straightforward tax of 1% on wealth over $10 million, 2% over $50 million, and 3% over $100 million would generate $32 billion annually. This simple tax would impact less than 100,000 families nationwide and collect only the tiniest of percentages from their enormous fortunes.

In a 2021 Abacus poll, 88% of Canadians supported a wealth tax, so why haven’t we implemented one?

It’s the work of everyday Canadians that keeps our country running. A tax on the ultra-rich would ensure that our resources are shared more fairly to make life more affordable for everyone.

Send a message to Ottawa: Canadians demand a wealth tax, now!

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aisletwentytwo / Flickr