Canadians for Tax Fairness (C4TF) is the premiere source on matters of tax fairness for journalists, researchers, policy-makers and Canadian citizens, who trust us to provide well-researched analyses, a voice for middle-class and working-class Canadians, and a counter-weight to the well-funded tax-related advocacy groups and lobbyists whose primary objective is to protect established wealth. 
Submission to Finance Canada on Consultation on the Select Luxury Goods Tax
30 September 2021
Why tackle tax havens? Who supports it? How much could we raise? What could we do with that revenue? How can we make it happen? 
14 September 2021
Why make corporations pay their fair share? Who supports it? How much could we raise? What could we do with that revenue? How can we make it happen? 
7 Septemeber 2021
Why close tax loopholes? Who supports it? How much could we raise? What could we do with that revenue? How can we make it happen? 
31 August 2021
Why tax the rich fairly? Who supports it? How much could we raise? What could we do with that revenue? How can we make it happen? 
25 August 2021
Proposals for a series of policies that would bring over $90 billion dollars in revenue to the federal government, without increasing taxes on working or middle-class Canadians, allowing for increased investment in public services that yield high rates of economic and social return.
16 August 2021
Summary of the year's publications, campaigns, and financial/administrative information.
16 July 2021
How Uber and Lyft legally avoid around $135 million in payroll and corporate tax, externalize around $217 million in GST/HST payments to drivers, and should ideally be classified as transportation companies, and in the interim pay the new digital services tax.
5 July 2021
How 50 Canadian firms dodged taxes and took wage subsidies while making record profits.
13 May 2021
How various global corporate minium tax rates can benefit Canadian revenue, and how these rates could be implemented, available via the Institute for Economic Studies, with research contributions by the Tax Justice Network.
12 April 2021
How the federal government can guide Canada's recovery from the Covid-19 Pandemic, while creating jobs, addressing deficits, improving public services, reducing inequalities, and mitigating the climate crisis.
February 2021
How most of Canada's top 111 corporations made more during Covid, thanks in part to public subsidies.
December 2021
How transparent is Canada? Research by C4TF's Toby Sanger and Erika Beauchesne.
How progressive tax reforms can help pay for the pandemic, tackle inequality, and build a better future. (Key finding: Canada's top billionaires grew their wealth by $53 billion during the pandemic thus far.)
November 2020
House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance
6 August 2020
C4TF Report: Corporate Canada Surpasses $380 Billion in Top 12 Tax Havens
Which countries are Corporate Canada's favourite assitstants in avoiding tax? How much money does corporate Canada send to each of them? How many jobs are created for each billion "invested"?
Authors: Toby Sanger & Erika Beauchesne
Published: 22 July 2020
April 2020
March 2020
C4TF Report: Corporate Income Tax Freedom Day 2020
How corporate tax rates have fallen over the past two decades, while failing to stimulate promised growth and investment.
January 2020
9 October 2019
3 October 2019
Platform For Tax Fairness
How the federal government can restore equality, strengthen the economy and pay for important public services.
August/September 2019
11 September 2019
Finance Canada
September 2019
House of Commons Finance Committee
6 November 2018
C4TF Report: Bay Street and Tax Havens; Curbing Corporate Canada’s Addiction
How many of the top 60 companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange have subsidiaries in known tax havens
November 2017
C4TF Annual Report 2019-20
Campaigns, achievements, finances, summaries.
Fall 2020
September 2019
C4TF Annual Report 2018-19
A highlight of achievements and ongoing campaigns for tax fairness
Spring 2019
Finance Minister of Canada 
4 July 2018
House of Commons Finance Committee / Statutory Review of the Proceeds of Crime and Terrorist Financing Act
18 April 2018
C4TF Brief: Tax foreign-based E-commerce Companies to Level the Playing Field
House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade / Study on Progressive Canadian Enterprises and SMEs through Electronic Commerce
6 November 2017
House of Commons Finance Committee on Tax Planning Using Private Corporations 
26 September 2017
C4TF Brief: How to Raise More Revenue for Bolder Policy Initiatives 
House of Commons Finance Committee; Pre-2018-Budget Consultations
August 2017
C4TF Joint Brief: Adopt Federal Procurement Policies to Combat Tax Dodging, Fraud and Corruption
Brief for the Canadian Government by C4TF and UNITE HERE Canada
1 June 2017
C4TF Submission: Tax Measures - Key Tools for Poverty Reduction Strategies
Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development / Status of Persons with Disabilities Study on Poverty Reduction Strategies
14 October 2016
7 June 2016
Interviews and conversations with auditors, investigators and managers at the CRA give us an insider look  at Canada’s beleaguered tax agency and help us understand where the past decade has left us and where we should be headed.
December 2015
14 October 2014
15 April 2014
House of Commons Finance Committee
14 February 2013
13 January 2013
17 January 2012