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Media Coverage

Corporate taxes so low that they only need one week's income to pay them

National Union of Public and General Employees, 13 January 2022

How inflation could actually be good for workers

Stephen Wentzell, 6 January 2022

Canada’s highest-paid CEOs profited during pandemic

Natasha Bulowski, Toronto Star 5 January 2022

Canada's richest CEOs cashed in during Covid

Natasha Bulowski, National Observer 4 January 2022

The 0.01% vs. the rest of us

DT Cochrane, Canadian Dimension 14 December 2021

A Wealth Tax is a Progressive Carbon Tax

DT Cochrane, Broadbent Institute 24 November 2021

Pandora Papers’ bombshells have MPs calling for action

Natasha Bulowski, National Observer 12 October 2021

Big Reset Tax Measures Little More than Window Dressing

Toby Sanger, Registered Nurses' Union of Newfoundland & Labrador 11 October 2021

Global deal reached on 15-per-cent minimum corporate tax rate

Josh O'Kane, Bill Curry, Globe & Mail 8 October 2021

Pandora Papers reveal 'shadow economy' of the rich and powerful

Jayme Poisson, CBC FrontBurner 7 October 2021

What offshore tax havens mean for Canada's national revenue

Rob Snow, CityNews Ottawa 5 October 2021

Pandora Papers trove of tax haven abuses could lead to action—or not

CLI News, Canadian Labour Institute 5 October 2021

Pandora Papers leaked

Rob Breakenridge, Global News Radio 4 October 2021