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Media Coverage

Canada should follow Janet Yellen’s lead on corporate taxes

DT Cochrane, Canadian Dimension 16 April 2021

Cyprus, Ghana and Kenya join growing list of countries to create beneficial ownership registries

Will Fitzgibbon, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) 13 April 2021

Letter to the Editor: For a Global Minimum Corporate Tax

Toby Sanger, Globe & Mail 9 April 2021

U.S. support for global minimum corp. tax seen as likely benefit for Canada: experts

David Paddon, The Canadian Press / Winnipeg Free Press 5 April 2021

CRA has found 35 cases of tax dodging in the Panama Papers leak, 5 years later

Zach Dubinsky, Frédéric Zalac, CBC News 3 April 2021

Bold changes needed to address inequality

Erika Beauchesne, Winnipeg Free Press 2 April 2021

What can we expect in the federal budget?

DT Cochrane, CPAC PrimeTime Politics 24 March 2021

NGOs urge tax policy reform for post-COVID 'she-covery'

Stephanie Soong Johnston, Tax Notes 15 March 2021

The big business behind the affordable housing crunch

Christine Dobby, Toronto Star 6 March 2021

COVID-19 revives push for excess profits tax

Natalie Olivo, Law 360 Tax Authority 25 February 2021

Cameco win in multibillion-dollar CRA dispute sparks calls for tax reforms

Michael Bramadat-Willcock, Toronto Star 22 February 2021

Supreme Court dismisses CRA request to appeal in Cameco case

Alex MacPherson, Star Phoenix 19 February 2021

Pfizer pushes for tax breaks in 2021 federal budget

Bill Curry, Globe & Mail 20 January 2021

Biden win is an opportunity to advance tax fairness in Canada

Erika Beauchesne, Policy Options 11 January 2021

U.S. commitment to end corporate secrecy should urge Canada to act

Toby Sanger & James Cohen, Toronto Star 17 December 2020

Canada Debates Wealth Tax

Toby Sanger, IFC Review 14 December 2020

What Canada's economic recovery might look like

Angela Wright, Maclean's 10 December 2020