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Media Coverage

Canada's growing corporate tax gap

Raju Mudhar, This Matters, Toronto Star podcast 21 October 2022

Public lost $30B in unexplained doubling of corporate tax avoidance

The Dan MacDonald Show, AM800 CKLW 5 October 2022

DT Cochrane with John Moore on corporate tax avoidance

John Moore, Newstalk 1010 5 October 2022

Do Canada's biggest corporations pay enough tax?

MARK TOWHEY, Newstalk 1010 4 October 2022

Tax avoidance by Canada's largest corporations

The Tom McConnell Show , iHeartRADIO 610 CKTB 4 October 2022

Push and pull on new tax measures (Sunday News Roundup)

Canadian Accountant 18 September 2022

Pierre Poilievre vs. the elites (unless they’re rich)

Katrina Miller, Toronto Star 16 September 2022

Addressing wealth inequality in Canada

Gary W. Kenny, Postmedia News 18 July 2022

Inside Amazon’s strategy to shield its profits from Canadian taxes

Josh O'Kane, Mike Hager, Globe & Mail 15 July 2022

High fuel prices are the result of high commodity prices, not the fuel taxes

Don Kossick and Tim Quigley, Saskatoon StarPhoenix 14 July 2022

Price hikes worsen inflation; let's consider an excess profits tax

John Moore, NewsTalk 1010 Radio (Toronto) 11 July 2022