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Media Coverage

A new report suggests $3.8 billion in funding for Ontario Long-term care shifted to profit

Reshmi Nair and Scott MacArthur, NewsTalk 1010 Radio Toronto 8 June 2022

Raising interest rates won’t solve inflation

Angella MacEwen, 1 June 2022

Time to make the Ontario election a referendum on private health care

Canadian Union of Public Employees, CUPE Today 19 May 2022

Time to end tax breaks for fossil fuel companies

Darren Shore, National Observer 12 May 2022

Critics accuse Loblaws of profiting from inflation as profits surge by 40%

Kelly Cutrara, News Radio 640 Toronto (Omny FM) 10 May 2022

The link between housing costs and taxation

John Moore, NewsTalk 1010 Radio (Toronto) 18 April 2022