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How can we improve our tax system for working Canadians?

How does our system protect the rich while exploiting working Canadians? C4TF former Executive Director Toby Sanger argues that stronger measures against tax dodgers, tackling tax havens, redistribution of CEO pay, and investment in public services over private partnerships would go a long way to strengthening Canada's economy.

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Video produced by Canadian Dimension

How the Isle of Man tax dodge scheme worked

The Isle of Man tax dodge scheme - a "grossly negligent offshore tax sham" involving KPMG - gets explained by C4TF then-Executive Director Toby Sanger.

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What are the alternatives to austerity and tax cuts?

Why don't austerity and tax cuts help the economy? Former Executive Director of Canadians for Tax Fairness Dennis Howlett speaks at the "Austerity and its Alternatives" Workshop in Hamilton, Ontario, in December 2016.

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How tax cuts threaten the country we've built over generations

Murray Dobbin, former President of Canadians for Tax Fairness, describes the need to to have progressive taxation to protect social programs and build a more equal society in Canada.

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Tribute: Legendary activist Murray Dobbin: Canada loses a writer, fighter and friend, Toby Sanger, 22 September 2021.